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Preferred Vendors

These vendors are those I consider most trusted and reputible in the industry. 

I use them time and time again for events.  Please don't hesitate to do so yourself!

Factor Women


Factor and Chosen Models in Chicago have paraded my runways and struck a pose in my photo shoots for many years.  My agent Bridget Halanski will help you with all your runway needs!  

Ford Models


Ford Models in Chicago walked my first runway show in 1998 and have continued to do so in every show since.  My runway agent Nancy Tennicott will help you with all your runway needs!




Frost Chicago has produced the lighting, staging, special effects and much more for the majority of my runway shows.  They are bar none the best in Chicago.  Dennis Remer at Frost is your man no matter how big or small the job, but he excels with large events and creative concepts!

Robert Beczarski

Robert has shot promotional pictures for my runway shows as well as live action shots of the talent on the runway at my events.  His talent continues to evolve every day and his portfolio proves that he always strives to grow and make the client and talent happy!


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